Our innate state of being is that “We are healthy, we are loved”


About Internal Spark Wellness

Internal Spark Wellness opened doors for business on July 1 2017. Although it was a wet winters day we had an awesome turn out for our launch party in which we had a wonderful celebration of this special occasion. Great food, great company and lots of door prizes. And now, nearly a year to the date we have launched our Website. This has been pretty exciting and such a journey in itself with loads of learning along the way. Celebrating the occasion with more great specials for Initial Naturopathic Consultations and Sauna Sessions for the month of July. There’s nothing quite like a Sauna on a cool winters day.
I look forward to meeting you soon and beginning what ever journey we will embark on towards a healthier version of ourselves together.

ND, Founder (Internal Spark Wellness)

"Looking forward to walking beside you, on this journey of lasting change in health and self-love"







Spring Detox

I participated in Debbie's Spring Detox program in October 2017. We were provided with information, coaching and support throughout the detox. Deb is very knowledgable and cared about our process and progress. It was a very thorough detox which gave me the opportunity to completely clear out my system from toxins and rebalance my body. We had a range of products and teas which supported our detox and cleanse and the infrared sauna was a wonderful addition which really complimented the whole process. I would recommend the detox program to anyone wanting to get their system cleared, cleansed and back on track to living a healthy life filled with more energy and self love.

Lee-Anne Groenewegen
Teacher and Small Business Owner

Mental Health & Wellbeing

I have been seeing Debbie in her professional capacity for four years. She is a fully qualified Natropath. In that time, Debbie has shown a great deal of compassion and a non-judgemental approach as well as integrity. This helps as my life had been “off track” for many years owing to the use of antipsychotics and anti-depressants. They cause weight gain and it is the number one cause of the mentally afflicted/ill not wanting to take these life saving medications. Debbie knows the importance of I being able to take these prescription medications and have complimentary/alternative therapies as well. A lot of people who take tranquillisers have the “need” for caffiene, cigarettes, eating sweet things due to stress and generally not really looking after diet. All that has changed working with Debbie I am nearly caffiene free. I do not smoke and have maintained that for 11 years. And, yes, she knows that people often do not care for their diet enough... without judgement. Debbie comes from a position of working with what is best for the client. I can especially say that she offers a wholistic spiritual and emotional approach. That is as well as physical and mental. In the years that I have worked with Debbie, I have had a hair analysis profile. That highlighted what I needed to help certain aspects of my health. That especially I have also had genetic couselling. Debbie has a vast knowledge of the MTHFR Gene, and that is something I have that influences what I am going through mentally.

Caroline Wigley

Far Infrared Sauna

"I have been having semi regular Fra Infrared Sauna sessions at Internal Spark Wellness for a number of months. When nothing else would work from my extensive arsenal of alternative remedies to help clear my sinuses, that infrared sauna did the job so beautifully and I was able to breath easy once again and maintain this for a time. I found the more regular sessions you have for a period, the more accumulated and grounded are the results. I found these infrared sauna sessions to be incredibly powerful in healing and clearing, not just my sinuses but also enabling within me a more effective way to release toxins. After one session, the next morning when I woke up. I felt like I had just stepped out of the ocean, with that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling on the inside and out. It was a real contrast at the time to how I was feeling. No other form of physical detoxing allows me to feel this clean or clear. Debbie also has a sauna protocol like none I’ve ever seen before. She monitors your tolerance to the sessions, mapping out an effective way to stay hydrated and helps you to utilise the very best that these incredible saunas can offer us. This is quite different from just ‘having a sauna.' Debbie Wilkinson brings her ‘whole heart’ to her healing business and this is very inspiring. She loves and cares for each of her clients and you truly become her priority. I’d highly recommend booking in to have either a naturopathic session with Debbie, or a series of Fra Infrared Sauna sessions, [with a pre session beforehand with Debbie] and let her structure you a treatment plan that will most harness the magical healing benefits of this wonderful Infrared Sauna. Whatever the season, yet with winter coming up, what a perfect time to jump right in. Many thanks Debbie."

Jacqui Sheales
Life Coach/Mentor; Meditation Facilitator

Detox Review

This detox has been really so awesome for me. I feel like it's gotten me back on the path of properly looking after myself. I liked how you were so flexible in your approach, giving guidance but supportive of some slight divergence from that too. I feel that gave me the space to reign myself in in a gentler and more sustainable way and did, as I hoped, open up the memory banks about all the stuff I have learnt and practiced in the past. I like how we extended it and brought in more herbs to help the liver and just kept in the flow of the whole thing. And the diet is something I'm continuing with and adapting to bring in more variety now. Back to more of the rustic food I love (-: Also loved the saunas and will definitely do more of this in the future. The cool thing too is that I've started to exercise again, I've been so sluggish with this for so long and this has just gently emerged from the greater focus on the body from the detox. I'm working with the 12 minute workout from the Canadian Airforce that has been around for yonks and can be done at home and with no fuss. I think if I just do this daily and keep going with my beach walks and perhaps a yoga session a week I'll have a pretty good all-round picture going on. This is way more than I hoped for starting from the detox, but clearly, I was ready to embrace it and it feels really supportive and loving for the body. Thanks Deb!