Our innate state of being is that “We are healthy, we are loved”




What is the worst thing that could happen if you changed your diet and lifestyle? It’s a great question isn’t it. If we are being honest there’s nothing bad that could or would happen. I could tell you some of the wonderful things that would happen though by changing the way we eat, drink and think on a daily basis. Like, having more energy to do the things you love, to feel clearer in the mind and less sluggish, sleep throughout the night and waking fresh to begin your day, less inflammation in the joints, less bloated in the stomach, less pain and discomfort. And to look at yourself in the mirror and instead of judging what you see you actually like the person you see staring back at you. All of these are meant to be our normal state of being, we are not meant to drag ourselves around feeling like crap every day, we are not meant to dislike the person we see in the mirror.

Imagine how life would be different if we could care for ourselves enough to make lasting changes that affect us only for the better? Just imagine that for a minute…….or 5……. Now it doesn’t just stop or start with us, how we treat ourselves is the example we set for our children. Now think about how we would like our kids to think and feel about themselves…. Would we want for them how we feel about yourselves? You see, the thing is kids learn by example and so in changing ourselves we can give them a more loving option to learn how to treat themselves as they grow.

Our self-esteem plays a massive role in the food, drink and thought choices we make daily. When we feel down we go for certain types of food and drink that are high is sugars, carbohydrates and alcohol. It can become a vicious cycle once we are in it (trust me).

Because this food makes us feel yuk, but it tastes good doesn’t it, and then our mood drops and we get a foggy brain and the kilograms begin to pile on, which makes our mood low and sometimes even depressed, and when we are depressed guess what foods we go for? The sugary kind.

Now, if we were to change the food choices we make, our body will begin to feel lighter, we may not like the taste at first because we were so used to the sweet poison we were having before, but after some weeks our mind feels clearer, we drop a few Kg’s and our sleep improves. We then begin to feel much happier and less depressed. So how we see ourselves is changing at the same time we change our food choices. We notice more energy and we are happier to be around our friends and family. We begin to like the person we see in the mirror. Whether we were aware of it or not I’m sure we can all relate to having this kind of experience at some stage in our lives-if not currently right now.